Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located in western Netherlands, Amsterdam is like a big village, lively and friendly. Singular homes, tranquil canals, street labyrinth, little shops and coffee shops will delight you for sure. Restful but full of life, this is a really nice city: have a break in Amsterdam !





To move in Amsterdam, you have a very wide choice ! Bus, metro, tramway... You can get a package from 1 to 7 days (from 7,50 € to 32 €) to take advantage of all these types of transport. Be careful, it is necessary to validate it in the entrance and in the exit.



Exchange Rate 1 EUR = 0.00



What costs the dearest to Amsterdam, it is the accommodation ! The relation quality-price isn't always there. If you want to find a good hotel, reserve online in advance.

You can also choose youth hostels. Their strengths : the design, the comfort and th...


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The best period to go there is undoubtedly in May, where the city is invaded by flowers !


- Walk in bike, as local people !

- Contrary to what we can think, the sale of drugs is strictly forbidden, be careful !

- Get an I Amsterdam City Card (transport and reduct...

Main Sights

  • Anne Frank House
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Rijksmuseum
  • VondelparkVondelpark