London, United Kingdom

London in a few words? Historic and emblematic monuments, a lot of parks, numerous shops with attractive and creative windows and an incredible number of places for going out and party. All, in an unconventional, unbelievable and vibrant dynamic, surrounded by those charming and crazy English people. In another words, a short stay in London is a must do!




London is a great city to feel the international side of Europe, you'll meet a lot of different cultures, food, music and of course people.
Make sure to wander outside touristy avenues, to grasp it's diversity.
Good times to visit London are :

  • For the carnival in August
  • For the big sales after christmass
  • In summer


The London transportation system is as efficient as it's expensive. Be sure to get an Oyster card, event if your stay only for a week-end. The journey price is way more if you don't have it, plus you can get fully refunded.
Extra tips :

  • Prefer Buses over the tube, it's cheaper and you get to see the city.
  • If you have a smartphone, make sure to downlo...


Exchange Rate 1 EUR = 0.00

The pound is a very expensive currency, so when shopping or paying, always convert to your own currency to get a better understanding of the price.
Some cash machines, show's a "no fee" sign (especially at st-Pancras), but gives you a lower e...


Again London is an expensive city. Accommodation, Drinking and commuting will eat all your budget.

  • Dorm bed: £10-35
  • Hotel room : £60 - £150
  • Airbnb : £40 - £90


  • stall food, sandwich : £7 - `15
  • Restaurant : £14 - £25
  • Beer or Cider (pin...


Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Though famous for its bad weather, London actually plays nice most of the time. Except in summer, you'll get clouds and rain, but apart from that it's a steady and bearable weather.
Best time to visit London is obviously summer, to enjoy park...


  • Favor the bus instead of the tube
  • Take an umbrella
  • Watch out for currency rates in cash machines

Main Sights

  • London Eye
  • Tower of London
  • Buckingham Palace
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Natural History Museum

The Fabric

Fabric is a monument, when it comes to clubbing. Widly famous around the world.

77A Charterhouse St, , LON - EC1M 6HJ , GB

  • London , United Kingdom