Praia, Cape Verde

Praia is the capital and largest city of Cape Verde, an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean west of Senegal. It lies on the southern coast of Santiago island in the Sotavento Islands group. It is the island's ferry port and is home to one of the nation’s four international airports. The city centre is known as Platô due to its location on a small plateau. Praia is Cabo Verde's largest city, a commercial centre, and a port that ships coffee, sugar cane, and tropical fruits. Praia also has a fishing industry and there are resort beaches nearby. It is the seat of the Praia municipality.


Main Sights

  • Assomada
  • Calheta de São Miguel
  • Cidade Velha
  • Grotte d'Aguas Belas
  • Porto Gouveia
  • Ribeira da Barca
  • Rui Vaz
  • São Joao
  • São Jorge dos Orgãos
  • Tarrafal