10 tips for packing light

10 tips for packing light

It’s almost time to leave and you should finally pack your bag!

Packing light is neither a dream nor a myth… This is art! And we have decided to reveal some of our tips to do it the best way and to have a serene journey!

Here are 10 tips for packing light !

1/ Pack only what you REALLY need

No need to bring your whole wardrobe, be reasonable! Remember to check the weather to pack only suitable clothing and bring with you some detergent if necessary. Above all, avoid taking bulky clothing with you…

2/ Make a list

List what you really need: from underwear to passport through sunscreen, everything should be written! It will allow you to quantify your belongings and easily eliminate the superfluous.

3/ Try to make all your clothes matching together

Do not try to create special outfits for every occasion and for each day. Think practical and effective! Make sure that most of your clothes match together; this is more convenient that way.

4/ Think about travel size toiletries

It is never said enough! Think about getting most of you toiletries and beauty product in travel size. It takes less space, it is more convenient and it allows you to keep your bag with you in the plane rather than placing it in the hold.

5/ Test microfiber towels

You have probably heard of it, seen it or tested it… The ultra compact microfiber towels only take very little space in the luggage. In addition, they dry faster than classic towels.

10 tips for packing light

6/ Sharing is a way to win!

If you’re travelling with friends, make your minds up in advance! No need to brings two times the same thing! So who will take the toothpaste in his bag?

7/ Be modern !

Replace your good old books by an e-book reader. Leave you laptop and travel guides at home and opt for a tablet or a smartphone and a few applications.

8/ Choose the right luggage

Weather cabin suitcase or backpack, opt for a resistant luggage and a light one. The shoulders’ straps and the backside of the backpack should be strengthened; several compartments or packets will allow you to store your belongings and a waterproof fabric will protect your luggage in case of rain.

9/ Get dressed in battledress!

Please be smart and wear the most bulky clothing. We especially think about walking shoes or sneakers, pullover, etc.

10/ Keep space for souvenirs!

Keep some space in your luggage to bring home some souvenirs or presents to your family and friends!

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