20 good reasons to travel the world

Travel the world

If you still hesitate to (finally!) book a flight ticket and pack your bag, here are some good reasons to do so ! Kenweego gives you 20 good reasons to travel the world ! What are yours?

1/ To see new landscapes

2/ To discover new cultures

3/ To taste different cuisines

4/ To learn new languages

5/ To meet new people

6/ To sharpen your senses

7/ To relax and recharge your batteries

8/ To be more tolerant

9/ To be more independant

10/ To create yourself beautiful memories

Travel the world

11/ To take risks

12/ To build your own character

13/ To acquire experience

14/ To become resourceful

15/ To rediscover yourself

16/ To have new goals

17/ To surpass yourself

18/ To put things into perspective

19/ To feel free

20/ To realise your dreams

Bonus: To be bitten by the travel bug !


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