What about having a short stay in London?

Stay in London

London in a few words? Historic and emblematic monuments, a lot of parks, numerous shops with attractive and creative windows and an incredible number of places for going out and party. All, in an unconventional, unbelievable and vibrant dynamic, surrounded by those charming and crazy English people. In another words, a short stay in London is a must do!

Off to London !

Everyone will easily find a way to satisfy his desires and curiosity by visiting the British Museum, the Tate Modern, or even the National Gallery. Not to mention the Tower Bridge, Big Ben or the London eye, which all are important and famous landscape features of the city.

In the 2000s, The Shard, one the tallest building in Western Europe, also makes its appearance. It comprises the Shangri-La hotel, some restaurants and bars as well as apartments and offices. All of them offering a scenic view of the city.

Within the city, there is also a large number of parks where sportsmen, walkers and friends are all going, as soon as the weather permits to do so. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and St James Park, to name a few, are one of the most popular and lively meeting points. In some of them, it is even possible to rent bicycles for a ride.

For a shopping spree, there are also numerous options available. Discovering the two famous arteries, Oxford Street and Regent Street, will already take some hours to stride across. To make a detour by Soho is also highly recommended.

On a different note, but still really pleasurable, Camden Town is worth a visit during a stay in London! In this huge jumble, you will probably get some good deals; and, if not, feel free to enjoy the atmosphere having something to eat there. During your stay in London, a walk through Nothing Hill can be really pleasant as well: small shops, restaurants and cafés are stretched along the colorful streets of this district, making it as lively as beautiful.

In the early evening, what could be better than going to one of those numerous traditional British pubs located in town? Indeed, having a relaxing break drinking a local beer and trying the famous British fish and chips is kind of a basic to have a memorable stay in London !

If partying is what you are looking for, then London is the place to be: whether you want to spend a night in a bar full of people enjoying an electric ambiance or going in a typical pub with a casual atmosphere for a simple dinner with some friends, this city is full of surprises! About clubs, it works the same way and this is without mentioning all these events that give rhythm to London nightlife.

Where to eat?

  • For breakfast or a morning brunch, you should definitely go to The Breakfast Club ! Whether you are dreaming of pancakes or a full English Breakfast, you will find hapiness !
  • To taste the famous Fish & Chips, go to Golden Union ! For about 10£, you will be full and satisfied !
  • Vegetarian? Have a walk around Camden and go to Green Note !

Where to go out?

  • For a drink in a typical English pub, we suggest Kevin Morand, The Nag’s Head.
  • For a craft beer, why not going to the Jerusalem Tavern? The ultimate tavern !
  • For a pleasure of a different kind, go to the Absolut Ice Bar !
  • And for night clubbers, The Fabric is an institution that simply cannot be missed.

A non-exhaustive list of small English pleasures we recommend when having a stay in London

  • Domesticate a squirrel in one the London parks
  • Take a ride on a London Bus
  • Enjoy the view from the top of the Saint Paul’s Cathedral
  • Eat a typical English breakfast
  • Do a shopping spree in Harrod’s
  • Have a nice evening going to the Pillow Cinema
  • Go shopping and eating in Camden town

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