Brussels in express mode !

Brussels in express

No plan for this weekend? We have something for you: Brussels ! Of course, two days are not enough to discover the Belgian capital entirely… So here are some ideas and recommendations to allow you optimizing your time in Brussels.

Discover the best areas of the city within 48 hours: Brussels in express mode !

The heart of the city is definitely the Grand Place. Totally pedestrian, it is surrounded by the City Hall and the King’s House: two big buildings with beautiful facades. Indeed, it seems that the real attraction of this city is all about its architectural treasures. Thus, walking around the capital could be as enriching as a cultural visit in one of the numerous museums located within the city.

For people interested in comics, there is no better place than Brussels. Going to the Belgian Center of Comics is then highly recommended. It is also possible, when walking in the street, to see some buildings decorated by famous cartoons’ characters such as Tintin or Spirou.

In a different note, why not going to visit the Cantillon Brewery? Hosted by the Cantillon family, you will discover a Lambic brewery founded in 1900. We also suggest you to visit the Atomium, a popular attraction in Brussels. Within those 8 levels spread over 5 spheres, you will discover permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as a scenic view over the city.

If you have enough time, remember that the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium exhibit more than 2000 art works; this is one the biggest art centers in Europe.

Brussels is quite a big city and it is relatively pleasant to walk around. Moreover, there are several parks and gardens everywhere in the city, such as the Brussels Park and the Botanical Garden. If, having a walk, you want to do some shopping, go to the flea market at the Place du Jeu de Balle. It is open daily from 6am to 2pm and until 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. It is worth the trip !

Where to eat?

  • For a delicious brunch at an affordable price, go to Ici.
  • If you are looking for something typical Belgian, let’s try the Taverne Greenwich.
  • If you want to taste an unforgettable waffle, we suggest Dandoy.
  • Have a nice evening at the Delirium, they offer an impressive range of beers.

If spending a few days in Brussels, you should…

  • To admire the Grand Place, during the day and by night
  • To taste some Belgian chocolates
  • To do a Belgian beers testing
  • To meet the famous Manneken Pis

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