Kenweego contest: win a weekend in Europe

Où partir en weekend en aout?

Contest from the 27th of avril to the 17th of may 2015

Win a weekend in Europe with Kenweego !

To celebrate the arrival of the sunny days, Kenweego proposes you a contest and offers you the opportunity to win a ticket for a secret destination in Europe…

But where are we going to make you travel?

Madrid? Rome? Amsterdam? Discover it for yourself !

To get a chance to win, nothing easier : go on Kenweego website and click on the play button !


About Kenweego…

Kenweego, is a search engine allowing you, traverlers,to find the destination of your future weekend in a few clicks only !

Wondering how is it possible?

Easy : give your departure city,enter the dates on which you want to travel, set a budget and give us an idea about what kind of activites you are looking for: that’s all !

Kenweego was conceived and designed by traverlers for traverlers ! And the final goal is simple:

Help any traveler to find the destination of his next weekend taking into account his own criterias ! 

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