A few days discovering Rome

Discovering Rome

Rome has its own special atmosphere: small but welcoming pedestrian streets, vibrant and majestic squares throughout the city, enchanting fountains and numerous restaurants offering gourmet menus. Often considered as a city of romance and passion, it does not mean that discovering Rome with friends or family couldn’t be as pleasant! The Italian capital has a lot to offer!

Let’s discover the Italian capital !

No matter how many days you will spend in this city, time will run out. People even say that an entire life wouldn’t be enough to discover Rome. Obviously, like always when travelling, there are some inescapable places: Rome also has its own must-see. First, there is the Coliseum, surely the most famous monument within the city. But there are also, the Vatican, the St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, which all are unbeatable landmarks.

Remember to walk by the Trevi fountain, even if it is only to verify if the famous legend is true. Indeed, throwing coins into this fountain is now a ritual for tourists from all over the world. It seems that tossing a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder will guarantee a return trip to Rome.

When spending a few days discovering Rome, everyone should also taste the Italian gastronomy, as it is definitely part of the culture. Numerous restaurants called ‘trattorias’, bars and cafés offer typical, tasty and affordable cuisine. Most of the time, pastas and pizzas are first coming to mind when talking about Italian cuisine. But this is so much more than that. Italy is also famous for cheese, charcuterie, olive oil and coffee. And gelato as well!

After a good meal, nothing better than a digestive ride. Forget all the touristic places, and loose yourself in the Trastevere district. There, you will discover some delightful and intriguing streets with snacks and shops.

At night, discover Rome in a new light! If you are in a festive mood, you should definitely go to the Testaccio district, located in the south of the city. There are a lot of bars and clubs where one can eat something, have some cocktails or dance all night long.

Where to eat?

  • To taste  traditional and delicious pastas, it seems that you should go to the Taverna Trilussa !
  • To have a typical Italian coffee, we suggest Sant Eustachio, Piazza della Rotonda.
  • For a drink, nothing better than the Caffè della Pace !

Some must do when discovering Rome

  • To sit on the stairs of the Piazza di Spagna
  • To rent a motorbike to visit the city
  • To visit the Caracalla therme
  • To taste a local wine
  • To drink a true Italian coffee

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