Discovering European traditional dishes

Plats traditionnels Européens

The culinary delights are also part of the voyage… So Kenweego takes you on a journey to make you discover European traditional dishes!

Spain: the tortilla de patatas

The tortilla de patatas is a thick omelette of at least 2 cm made with potatoes and possibly onions. It is served as tapa or a main dish. Of course, paella, Serrano ham and are also strongly associated with this country of South Western Europe.

European traditional dishes

Portugal: bacalhau à Brás

The bacalhau à Brás is a traditional dish of Portuguese cuisine with cod, onions, potatoes and eggs.

Italy and pastas

There are many Italian recipes of pastas: spaghetti bolognaise, lasagna, cannelloni… Gnocchi, minestrone and risotto are also typical Italian recipes.

European traditional dishes

Ireland and the Irish stew

This a typical Irish lamb stew, served in most restaurants of the country. It is accompanied with potatoes, onions and carrots and comes with a sauce based on Irish beer.

England and its traditional fish and chips

Who has never heard of the famous English fish and chips? This dish, particularly simple, consists in a fish fillet coated with breadcrumbs and served with fries and a slice of lemon.

European traditional dishes

Turkey and böreks

Böreks, typically Turkish, are pastries made of minced meat, cheese and spinach wrapped in a börek sheet. The kebab is also a very popular Turkish dish.

Greece and moussaka

An oven-baked dish based on minced meat, aubergine, tomatoes and bechamel sauce. More than this typical dish, Greek cuisine is rich and varied and offer many offers dishes: tzatziki, hummus, feta, etc.

European traditional dishes

Germany and its famous sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is a cabbage-based dish with potatoes, sausages and other pork parts. A very hearty dish!


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