A nice weekend getaway in Madrid, Spain

Getaway in Madrid

The Spanish capital city, as dynamic as pleasant, offers a rich and varied range of activities whose authenticity is like a promise of experiencing the local culture. Combining modernity and a typical Spanish atmosphere, Madrid invites locals and tourists to enjoy both, cultural and festive dimensions. The city, proud but sincere, is then offering a complete change of scenery. A getaway in Madrid is then always appreciated.

A weekend getaway in Madrid

Taking advantage of a strong artistic dynamic, the capital presents many masterpieces located in various museums and artistic centers within the city. Walking along the Paseo del Arte, guided by instinct and natural curiosity, anyone will be free to visit one or another of the three renowned museums that are localized along this famous artery.

When going to the Prado Museum, one of the most important art galleries of the world, one can have the opportunity to appreciate a large number of Europeans paintings, Greco-Roman sculptures and a few thousands of drawings and prints. The Reina Sofia museum is more geared toward contemporary art. The famous Guernica, a painting from Pablo Picasso, is one of the masterpieces that make this museum a national and international must see.

Finally, we will be able to discover the Thyssen-Bornemisza fondation. More than its own permanent collection, this foundation regularly imagines and creates temporary exhibitions that are particularly appreciated. Furthermore, the most courageous ones will be able to walk around the city in order to discover the museums and foundations that are flourishing everywhere, according to their interest.

During a getaway in Madrid, a short walk by the Royal Palace of Madrid could provide a total relaxation and a great feeling of pleasure. There, you will discover many works of art, decorative objects and several items from the Royal collection, including the Royal armoury. Going there also give the opportunity to discover the famous Plaza de Oriente and enjoy the Royal gardens.

Madrid may also be considered as an attractive place for seasoned shoppeurs. Thus, after passing through the Puerta del Sol, walking along the Gran Via, famous retailers and small shops welcome passersby while offering them the opportunity to discover an avenue whose buildings still have a pre-war architecture.

A detour by Triball will also allow you to do shopping in trendy spanish designers boutiques. Madrid, perfect for walks, houses several parks; Retiro is the ideal place to relax after a long day exploring the city and walk around the lake.

Sometimes neglected in favor of Barcelona, it does not mean that Madrid is not a festive city. It is actually really enjoyable to spend a night out there, appreciating the Madrid’s atmosphere walking, in the small streets where many restaurants, bars and clubs of all kinds are located. For an authentic getaway in Madrid, nothing better than a local breakfast right after a festive night out: typical hot chocolate with some churros.

Where to eat?

Walking within the city of Madrid, you will be exposed to many temptations and most of the time, you will decide quite impusively where to eat something. However, here are some suggestions.

  • El museo del jamon, a typical etablishment of Madrid, is a must for all lovers of charcuterie !
  • El lizarran, a spanish restaurants chain especialized in pinchos and tapas. They offer a large variety of products and always at a fair price !
  • In the same way, we also suggest a visit to 100 Montaditos. Especialized in tapas, those restaurants are red hot in Spain !

During your getaway in Madrid, feel free to enjoy typical spanish pleasures

  • Why not tasting some tapas?
  • To spend the evening in a chupitos bar
  • To attend a bullfight at Plaza de Toros de la Ventas
  • To watch a local football game
  • To have a walk around the famous Plaza de Espana

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