Journey to Portugal: let’s discover Lisbon!

Discover Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is considered as a really nice destination in Europe. Full of life, day and night, Lisbon concentrates history, culture and pleasure. To visit Lisbon, you should walk in the paved streets, from one district to another, discovering the rich and varied heritage and embracing the special Portuguese atmosphere.

Let’s discover Lisbon, walking from one district to another

Baixa pombalina is a district considered as the heart of the city. It is a labyrinth of lanes displaying buildings relatively similar. There, you can admire one of the most beautiful squares of Lisbon: la Plaça dos Restauradores, la Plaça Dom Pedro IV, and the best-known Plaça do Comercio. This is a commercial district where you can also visit one of the most famous monuments of the city: the Santa Justa Lift. This lift offers a wonderful view of the Baixa district: enjoy the place Don Pedro IV, the St George’s Castle and the Tagus River, going 45 meters above the floor.

The Chiando, is a neighbourhood located in the old part of the city. This is where is situated the famous Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos. In this area, we can find the Carmo Convent and the adjoining Church, which was one of the most important in the capital city. Both were partially destroyed in the devastating earthquake of 1755. The ruins remain as a reminder of this disaster.

The Bairro Alto is a picturesque district located in the city center, near the Chiado. This part of the city is really commercial and particularly lively. Thus, this is also the perfect meeting point for going out at night. Here, local people and tourists meet each other, walking in the street from a bar to another.

The Belém district is located at the end of the Tagus estuary. It is particularly known because it was, a long time ago, the starting point of the Portuguese explorers. In this part of the city, there are many monuments including the National Palace of Belém and the Jeronimos Monastery. This is also where is located the famous Tower of Belém. This emblematic tower is a fortified lighthouse that was used, in the past, to keep a close watch on the entrence to the the port.

Lisbon is a dynamic city marked by numerous cultural events. In June, for example, a popular festival is organized throughout the city. The streets and the squares of each district became particularly lively: people enjoy some local specialties while listening traditional music. During summer and autumn, many other festivals are hold, including the famous Rock in Rio Lisboa.

Tram 28

Small pleasures to enjoy in Lisbon

  • To eat an ice cream from Santini
  • To take the tram 28
  • To do shopping at the Campo de Santa Clara
  • To go to the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém
  • To go in a bar to listen to Fado music

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