last minute weekend deals : 3 destinations for less than 100 Euros for next friday (13/11)


Hello travelers,

Care for a last minute weekend deal ? While playing with our search engine, we’ve realised that next week-end has some great deals for getaways.

So just by digging at little bit, we have uncovered 6 destinations for less than 100€,  roundtrip.

They depart from London, Berlin and Madrid,  vendredi 13 november to sunday 15.

You can change your dates (leave thursday, get back monday) to get even better deals.

Last minute weekend From London

 Stockohlm  for 77€ – 55£  – Great city for party, hot blonde swedes (boys and girls). With the winter drawing near, check the markets, and their hot coffee with whisky.

Copenhagen for 78€ – 55£  – Discover Copenhagen – Another great city for partying, and cycling !

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Brussels in express

last minute weekend From Berlin


Brussels for 49€ – Discover Brussels  – French fries, food, chocolate, great parties and great people. What else do you want ?

Athens for 86€ – Get some sunburn in november !  Vibrant Greek culture, awesome food, and cheap cheap prices.

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last minute weekend From Madrid

Frankfort for 84€  – Party and sausages. That’s all i’ll say on that matter.


Munich for 98€ – Winter markets, great bars, posh german hotties (boys and girls alike).

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