Quick tour in Marseille

Quick tour in Marseille

Marseille, the second largest city in France, is located southeast of the country. One of the oldest cities of the French hexagon, it is also the first port of the country. Its geographic position, facing the Mediterranean Sea, makes it a dynamic city where multiculturalism is all around. Doing a quick tour in Marseille, you will discover a city with many dimensions: beautiful natural sites, several districts and numerous monuments will give you a complete vision of it.

What you definitely have to do during a quick tour in Marseille

  • The creeks of Marseille, a massive coastline, going thought 20 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, from the southwest of Marseille to Cassis Town. They attract many visitors: hikers will walk through coastal paths discovering a wonderful view while swimmers and divers will enjoy the sea and underwater beauties. The creeks of Marseille are considered as one of the most beautiful sites of France.
  • Marseille’s Panier, is a district where are located the City Hall, the Joliette and the Grands Carmes. This is one of the oldest parts of the city and it is more and more touristic. Small streets, monuments, mainly religious ones, artists’ workshop and the small train driving around make this place popular and really appreciated.
  • The old port of Marseille is, as the name suggests, the oldest port of Marseille. It is, therefore, the historical and cultural center of the city. In the past, commercial activities were organized in this port. Today, the old port is only a marina, which is nonetheless one of the most iconic symbols of the city.
  • La Canebière is a famous shopping street. Starting from the old port to the church of the Réformés, you can admire some buildings dating from the 18th century on the way.
  • The archipelago of Frioul is located about ten miles from Marseilles and consists in 4 islands: Promègues, Ratonneau, If and Tiboulen island of Frioul. On If, one of the two main islands of the archipelago, you can visit the famous Castle of If.
  • The Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde or « la Bonne mère ». Not far from the Roucas Blanc and de Vauban districts, it is on a 150m limestone outcrop, offering a wonderful view of the city. The area is listed as historic monument and attracts more and more visitors. Notre Dame de la Garde is a must do when spending time in Marseille.
  • The Basilica of Saint Mary Major is a neo Byzantine style cathedral built between 1852 and 1893. It is located near the old port, in the Joliette district. Many religious buildings have succeeded one another in this place, but the new Major shows a specific style thanks to its architecture and decorations.

What about your favorite places in Marseille?

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