Sunny destinations during winter

Sunny destinations

Why not spending a few days in the sun to rest and recharge your batteries? Here are some suggestions of sunny destinations to take a break and relax!


Somewhere between the western and eastern Mediterranean Sea, near Sicily, one can explore the small islands of the Maltese archipelago. Despite a growing numbers of visitors, the smallest European state protects itself and maintains the natural beauty of its environment. With human constructions of all kinds and from all period of time, landscapes of an exceptional beauty and an environment allowing numerous activities, Malta is the perfect place to recover from a long winter

Seville, Spain

A destination of choice to enjoy the first rays of the sun. The city offers architectural treasures, Andalusian atmosphere as well as relatively mild temperatures throughout the year. Between captivating walks though the little streets of one of the largest historic districts in Europe and cultural tours of all kinds, enjoy a relaxing moment on an open-air terrace within the city centre. Have a local cocktail, eat some tapas, and enjoy the atmosphere: what could be better to recharge your batteries? By the way, if going to Seville, why not passing by Madrid?



Having so much to offer, Croatia attracts and welcomes more and more visitors each year. Even if some specific areas are somewhat touristic, the country still offers many authentic spots to discover. Having two different but complementary sides, Croatia is a really attractive country. On one hand, there is a ‘leisure side’ thanks to the beautiful sunny beaches and turquoise water that are a real invitation to relax; and on the other hand, there is a ‘cultural side’ thanks to the large number of sites you can visit. Starting with the fortified city of Dubrovnik, listed as UNESCO World Heritage.


As the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has a lot to offer. In addition to its beautiful beaches, sometimes lined by large strips of sand, sometimes nestled in the cliffs, sheltered by rocks forming small idyllic coves, the island has a very significant cultural diversity. This is due, among others, by the various waves of occupation that the island experienced over time. To cap it all, what is better than a Sicilian dinner? The local cuisine will delight your senses and make you discover the Italian gastronomy in a new light.

Marrakech, Morocco

Immerse yourself in a warn and enchanting atmosphere discovering the richness of an exuberant culture. We promise a total change of scene thanks to thus whirlwind of colours, odours and flavours, all as surprising as pleasant. In short, this is the perfect destination to enjoy the sun, meeting welcoming and cheerful people and discovering a rich and delicate culture and breath taking landscapes.



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