The most beautiful beaches in Europe

The most beautiful beaches in Europe
It’s summer, the weather is nice and holidays are coming! And most of the time, holidays mean beach So we suggest you to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe!

Olüdeniz, Turkey

Olüdeniz beach, surrounded by mountains, is considered as the most beautiful beach within the country. This beautiful place offers a breathtaking scenery ; enjoy it on a deckchair on the sand, on a canoe in the middle of the sea or, for the more adventurous, paragliding with a 360 degree view !


Vlychada, Santorini, Greece

Vlychada beach is famous for the variety of colors offered by its sand, coming from the volcanic rocks that are present on Santorini Island. White, red, black, it makes this beach a unique place where the sun is shining most of the time. For sure, it won’t be difficult to convince you to go swimming in the hot and clear water of Vlychada beach!

Ramla Bay, Malta

Ramla Bay is lovely Maltese beach with ochre sand and clear water located in a wild environment. Small and pleasant, it is often overcrowded in summer. We recommend you to go there off-season to make the most of it or to go really early in the morning to be comfortably seated.

The most beautiful beaches in Europe

El Canuelo, Spain

Considered as one of the best Andalusian beaches, El Cañuelo is located in a natural protected area an hour’s drive from Malaga. Despite its small size, it is welcoming and it offers the advantage of being relatively unknown to tourists. Moreover, its crystalline water is a real invitation to dive… And swim !

Da Marinha, Algarve, Portugal

Da Marinha is one of the numerous beaches located in southern Portugal. A real treasure of nature, it will transport you to a unique place where you can enjoy its fine sand to relax in the sun and its clear water to refresh yourself.

The most beautiful beaches in Europe

Balos, Crete

Located northwest of Crete, on the peninsula of Gramvoussa, Balos beach is a hard place to get to. To go there, you should first have a walk and follow a rocky path that will lead you on a sand strip separating the beach into two blue lagoons. It is also possible to go there by boat from the port of Kissamos.

Fetovaia, Island of Elba, Italy

Isola Elba is an island in Tuscany that is still practically untouched by the human hand. The forests that cover the island and the turquoise water make this place an enchanting and peaceful area. People even say that Fetovaia beach is considered as the treasure of the island.

The most beautiful beaches in Europe

Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece

Navagio beach, in Greece, is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Basin. People say that it is a former secret smugglers lair. Now, this beach is well known but still away from the traditional tourist circuits for the simple and good reason that it is only accessible by boat. The perfect place to swim in tranquillity!

Cies Islands Beaches, Galicia, Spain

While driving to the Galician coast, you will see a beautiful landscape with a group of small islands. Those white sandy beaches are a real invitation to enjoy clear water and sun, especially during summer!

The most beautiful beaches in Europe

Santa Giulia, Porto Vecchio, Corsica

The city of Porto Vecchio, in Corsica, offers some of the best beaches of the island and around the Mediterranean basin. No doubt, you will fall in love with the beautiful Santa Giulia! Between voces and rocks, sand and turquoise water, this paradisiac beach is waiting for you!

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