Top destinations of summer 2015

Top destinations of summer 2015

During summer, Europe is a top destination ! It offers numerous locations, and spectacular ones !

Either you’re going to visit one or several European countries, advantages are the same:

  • It’s quick : a few hours’ flight is all it takes to reach any destination !
  • It’s convenient : stop to administrative work, you’re free !
  • You have a wide range of choices: there are many different countries !
  • Flight tickets are less expensive when travelling in Europe than when going to the other side of the world !
  • If you don’t really have holidays, you can easily spend some weekends away when you want to.

And honnestly, sometimes we are looking too far what we have in front of our eyes !

That’s why we finally present you the top destinations of summer 2015 ! And we are starting with Southern Europe


In addition to its prestigious past, its ancient ruins and its mythological figures, Greece is a multifaceted country offering wonderful and varied landscapes. Between sun, sightseeing and relaxation, you will have time to enjoy the local gastronomy, the greek art of living and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants. These specific features are naturally the highlights of this country of Southern Europe.


Having so much to offer, Croatia attracts and welcomes more and more visitors each year. Even if some specific areas are somewhat touristic, the country still offers many authentic spots to discover. Having two different but complementary sides, Croatia is a really attractive country. On one hand, there is a ‘leisure side’ thanks to the beautiful sunny beaches and turquoise water that are a real invitation to relax; and on the other hand, there is a ‘cultural side’ thanks to the large number of sites you can visit. Starting with the fortified city of Dubrovnik, listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Top destinations of summer 2015


A destination of choice for a summer break ! Spain offers architectural treasures, festive atmosphere as well as nice temperatures throughout summer. Enjoy walks along the beach, cultural tours of all kinds, local festivities and relaxing moments on an open-air terrace. Have a local cocktail, eat some tapas, and enjoy the atmosphere: what could be better to forget your everyday routine?


This small country falsely souding like mediterranean, is weel and truly on the Atlantic side. And this is aprticularly on this side that tourism has been developed. However, in the land, there are many anthentic, calm and beautiful places. With its sunny climate, the vestige of its past and the richness of its culture, Portugal will amaze you !

Destinations phares de l'été 2015

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