Weekend in Berlin: history, culture and clubbing!

Weekend in Berlin

Berlin, capital of Germany and second largest city in the European Union, is located in the north west of the country, in the North European Plain. In addition to a rich historical past, Berlin is known and recognized internationally as a world city, both culturally and artistically. Home to over 150 museums, approximately the same number of libraries and about 60 theatres, this young and dynamic city hosts, each year, many visitors from all over the world.

The city of Berlin is crossed by several rivers and canals, punctuated by various parks and has a rich architecture. Growing from and around the old Berlin, there are many of sights in and around the city centre, each one more attractive than the last.

Berlin historic centre

It includes several strategic areas and iconic monuments of the city of Berlin.

  • The Museum Island: on this island, located in the Spree river, you can admire the famous Berliner Dom, the historic Berlin Cathedral. Of course, there are also several museums as well as the Lustgarten, the garden of the Museum Island.
  • The famous avenue Unter den Linden, conducting to the Pariser Platz, present numerous historic buildings such as the Staatsoper im Schiller Theatre, the St Hedwig’s Cathedral and one the most important scientific library of the world, the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.
  • The Brandenburg Gate, part of the Berlin wall in the past, is now a symbol of the city and of today’s united Germany. Nowadays, we can even see it on German euros.

Weekend in Berlin

  • The Alexanderplatz, a busy and bustling place in the heart of Berlin. There you can see the famous tower transmiting television signals, the Fernsehturm. From its 368 meters, it is the tallest building in the city and the country. It is also the second one in Europe after the Ostankino Tower, located in Moscow, Russia. On the Alex, you can also admire the historic City Hall, the Rotes Rathaus and the St Nicolas Church, the Nikolaikirch.
  • The Gendarmenmarkt, considered as one of the most beautiful square in Berlin. There, you can find two Cathedrals, including a French one ; and a concert hall, the Konzerthaus.

Berlin culture

Berlin, as a cultural capital, is full of museums. The Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses 5 of them : the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum, the Old Museum, the New Museum and the Old National Gallery. There are many others museums in the city, such as the Jewish Museum and the German Historical Museum.

As a cultural and artistic city, Berlin also has numerous theatres, operas, orchestras and choirs.

Berlin also hosts the Berlinade, the International Film Festival of Berlin. Created in 1951, this film festival, one of the largest in the world, held each year in February. In addition to the International competition, there are numerous retrospectives.

Clubbing in Berlin

And what would be a weekend in Berlin without going to one of those mythical Berlin clubs, known throughout the world !?

Starting with the Berghain, known internationally, especially for its musical program. Could be disuasive to go there as the queue is really long, but once inside, you will definitely understand that it was worth the wait : a must !

There is also the famous Tresor, one of the most famous techno clubs worldwide. Like a lot of clubs in Berlin, it is located in an abandoned building. Surreal !

There are many other clubs, all as extravageant as impressive, everywhere in the capital : the Watergate, the Weekend or the famous KitkatClub


Weekend in Berlin

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